About the Shortbox

What is the Shortbox?

The shortbox is a collection of mini-comics set within Ideal Comics’ Escher’s World universe. The Shortbox is filled with 8-10 page comics showcasing the heroes, villains, and stories of Escher’s World. In essence, the Shortbox titles are akin to the backup features that used to run regularly in comics, and as such are also intended to be a place for new creators to show off their skills. More than that, The Shortbox is a place for you, the reader, to experience Escher’s World and the unique setting we’ve created.

Why only 8-10 pages?

Brevity is a lost art in storytelling. Anyone can put a bunch of words on paper, but true craftsmen can make you cry with a sentence. Before insanely long comic book series, backups used to be how you broke into the industry. If you were lucky, an editor would ask you to script or draw (or both) a short little 8-page story, which would run as filler in a comic book. It allowed a company to take new creators for a test drive, before investing money into longer stories.

With the Shortbox, we want to bring that back. If you’re a reader, you’ll get a chance to sample new and upcoming writers and artists. Likewise, if you’re a creator, you’ll have a place to showcase your stuff for readers and potential employers.

Who can publish on the Shortbox?

Anyone who has a story to tell, and who wants to tell that story in an established universe. At Ideal Comics, we have over a hundred years of history developed, with plenty of room for additional characters and stories.

Great! Where can I get started?!

Submissions are currently closed, but we hope to open them soon!